Skye’s Booking Information


SKYE GALAXY: Booking Information

Interested in booking Skye Galaxy for a show in Second Life?

Before we begin, take a moment to check out the calendar for my current booking schedule, located either in the profile tab entitled “URL” or via the following web address;

Find your desired date and see if the time slot is available.

I book only a month or less in advance to better avoid last minute cancelations due to other real-world events becoming priority over those in-world, not previously expected when scheduling your show in Second Life.

Is your time slot available?
No? Please contact Lo Bloch or Skye Galaxy for alternative solutions.

Yes? Read on;
Hours of operation are currently limited to 11:00am-6:00pm SLT, partially due to a lack of understanding neighbors and my need to step away from the computer before the day slips away entirely.

“Anything else I should know?”

While I always enjoy doing my part when it comes to charity, these events have become one of my most popular inquiries. There are many diverse and wonderful causes taking place within Second Life, but for the sake of good taste I tend to take part in only those that truly captivate me.

Regardless, feel free to drop me a notecard and I will happily take a look.

Also, I must note that my audio stream is public. Even with 75+ listeners present in given simulator, there tend to be more listening abroad to avoid lag or go on about their day. I do my best to make sure that the venue owner is aware of this and while promise of a substantial crowd is garunteed, a few of my past clients have had an issue with this, misunderstanding the audience’s intentions when utilizing the stream in various forms, attending or otherwise.

“So.. now what?”
Contact my manager, Lo Bloch, in-world. If for some reason you do not receive a reply within a couple of days, feel free to leave me a message or email Lo at

Lo and I are happy to schedule events, talk numbers and negotiate any items of concern you may have in hopes of providing you with a worthwhile experience for your venue and its patrons.

Many thanks in advance.
Skye Galaxy
Lo Bloch

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