About Lo Bloch:

I have been a virtual musicians manager since February 2009, promoting the best musicians on grids like Second Life.

I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, California. I bring my real life experience as an executive assistant in marketing, sales and human resources. As a virtual manager, I am constantly working on several google calendars in all time zones, including US, Sweden, Australia, UK and more. I work with virtual venues to give the fans, venue and artists the best experience possible. Working in live music has allowed me to work with the most amazing musicians all around the world.

I was introduced to live music in Secondlife when a friend brought me to a Stella Silvansky Concert. I immediately became hooked on the music in SL.  

After years of being a manager in Secondlife I have found myself surrounded with the most amazing team I could ever dream of. These musicians not only have a strong bond in and out of SL.  Together, their music will bring the best out of you.  It will tell you.. This is why life is so amazing and this is why you need to hear them.

Contact Lo Bloch for more information on how to book the following artists:

Lo Bloch, Manager

The Bloch Heads:

Skye Galaxy

Shagpile Spyker

Dexter Moore



Note: These artist are not able to perform full time, as they are real life musicians with commitments to their RL music & RL tours. Please join our Facebook for news and show information.

See you on the grid,

Lo Bloch

Book your top musicians today and make your event complete!

Contact me inworld or email loblochsl@gmail.com for questions and bookings.

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friend me at https://www.facebook.com/lo.bloch


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